Silvers’ Workshop awarded Safe & Sound

We are pleased and proud to announce we have been awarded Safe and Sound status by the Reading Voluntary Action team.

A tremendous amount of work was involved in achieving this award and it shows we take the governance of our charity and the welfare of our members very seriously.

We are grateful to the team at RVA for all their help in creating the policies we needed.

One thought on “Silvers’ Workshop awarded Safe & Sound

  • Simone Prendiville

    Gentlemen, I am the Manager of the Weller Centre on Amersham Road, Caversham. I would love to set up a project like your for the residents of the estate and surrounding area and would like to come and visit your project so gather tips on how to get this off the ground.

    If someone could meet me I would be very grateful. This coming week is busy for me with half term events but after then I am fairly free.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Simone Prendiville


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